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Kate Jaimet loves eating pie for breakfast. Please don't tell her mom. She also enjoys volleyball, Gordon Korman novels, and, oh, yeah, writing. But sometimes she writes things that people don't agree with and they get mad at her. It happens.

What else? She grew up in Ottawa and went to Hopewell school. One time she dressed up as an Egyptian mummy for Hallowe'en. She tore this white bedsheet into strips and wrapped them all around her body and pinned them to her long underwear with safety pins. It was great until she started walking around, and then all the strips came unravelled and she had to run home in her undies. The moral of that story is, if you want to make a Hallowe'en costume out of a bedsheet, just cut a couple of holes in it and be a ghost instead.


That's her advice. 


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